Our Mission

Did you know that the Fashion Industry is a top environmental polluter?
At Nina Swim, we believe that, together, we can help change that.

Sustainability is the only way forward.

Obsessed with creating swimwear that makes the world a better place, we make sure that our entire supply chain, from fabric sourcing to the final sewing (and all the processes in between), is as clean as possible.

Sustainable fabrics, always

Transparency is one of our top priorities, and we are so proud to use only the best fabrics, making our dream come true: creating products only from sustainable and up-cycled materials.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon is a high-quality alternative to nylon made from waste products (Fishing nets, fabric scraps, etc). Normally, nylon has a significantly detrimental environmental impact, but the creators of ECONYL® seek to help reduce the effects of this material on the environment by using recycled base materials.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon creates beautiful products that also drive the industry towards a sustainable future. It performs exactly the same as brand new nylon but gives you a sustainability edge, turning waste into treasure.

To give you a better idea, for every 10,000 tons of  ECONYL® raw material, 70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved and 65,100 tonnes of Co2 eq emissions are avoided.

Aside from fabrics, all of our prints are Eco-ink certified. We also use Eco-Craft paper hygiene liners instead of plastic ones. A cotton bag is given with every bikini sold to avoid the use of single-use plastics.

Ethical practices, because people matter

Our swimwear manufacturing partner is held to high ethical and sustainable standards. This includes fair wages, safe working conditions, and medical insurance for both workers and their families. They use Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified fabrics and biodegradable packaging materials.

Our desire to create pieces that last the distance wasn’t just about sustainable fabrics, it was about supporting people to build sustainable livelihoods.

healthy seas we the reef coral gardeners

We donate 1% of each bikini sold to Healthy Seas and another 1% to Coral Gardeners.

Healthy Seas is the environmental initiative that focuses on cleaning the oceans and seas of marine litter such as derelict fishnets responsible for the needless death of marine animals. Healthy Seas applies a two-way approach to achieve its mission. First, recovering ghost fishing nets from our seas, and second, preventing that waste fishing nets will end up in the marine ecosystem. These prevention actions are implemented with the help of fishermen’s communities and fish farms as well as with educational programs and events that raise awareness. 

 We also donate to Coral Gardeners, via the We The Reef program. From their humble beginnings, they have grown today into an international collective of advocates, scientists, engineers and creators determined to revolutionize ocean conservation and create a global movement to save the reef. Their values reflect this ambition – they work with passion, courage, and integrity and put creativity and innovation to the service of something bigger than ourselves: saving the reef. 

We are a start-up, and, with your help, we aim to increase this cut as we grow.

Did we tell you about our Carbon Offset initiative?

On top of everything, all of our shipments are CARBON NEUTRAL! We estimate the carbon footprint each shipment would have depending on the distance from our premises to your place. We then compensate for this emission by planting trees.

Trust us, sustainability and fashion can coexist

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